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“A Great Global Company Through People”

Recruiting process

Namuga is a big tress that happily works under a big tree.
Based on deep and solid technology, such as the roots and trunks of old trees, the company will grow branches to the global market and aim for a happy family where all employees share pleasant jobs under the shadow of the company.

Due to the characteristics of the electronic parts market, it is a highly competing product that must be first in the world for the global market. As a result, all employees are aiming to become first class with the best technology and quality for the world’s top customers seeking “A great Global Company Through People”. The importance of people in the enterprise does not need to be emphasized again. Good people make good companies, good companies make good people. All employees are treated fairly and equally, emphasizing “Namuga people want to be respected as a person, not by position.”

Welfare system
Pension · Insurance

National pension , employment insurance, occupational health and safety insurance, health insurance, retirement pension, accident insurance

Compensation · Benefits · Allowance

Stock option, severance pay, expenditure for congratulations and condolences, incentives, regular bonus, rewards for long-term employed persons, award / prize excellent staff, medical expense support for employees / families, support for education, support for self-improvement, overtime pay, non-duty allowance, annual leave allowance, long service allowance, transportation pay for national holidays, transportation at night, anniversary present, spending on books, spending on physical training, vacation bonus, employee shares, optional welfare benefit, cultural life support

Facility · Support for disabled

Dormitory, canteen, gym, garden


Welfare points

Day off· Leave ·Activity

5 working days per weak, annual leaves, regular breaks, leaves for family events, half day off, maternity leave, baby breaks for fathers, labor day off, foundation day event, workshop/MT, sports events, picnics

Education ·training

In company Language courses, on the job training for new comers, job skills improvement education, support for overseas training, support for certification, dispatch employees to overseas branches

Living convenience · Leisure activities

Social clubs, medical check, lunch, dinner, breakfast, uniform, vacation facilities (Daemyoung Condom, golf membership)

Support FAQ

Please e-mail me any other questions.

Q. How can I apply for Namuga??

Namuga only receives online support through its job portal site. We do not receive individual support such as e-mail or mail reception other than online support.
*If you don’t have any recruitment announcement you want, please register your resume by supporting the talent pool.

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