NAMUGA, company that you can get immersed in work

For the growth of employees, NAMUGA seeks harmony between work and life, protects family and health,
and operates various welfare systems to get you immersed in work without worrying about the future.

  • Welfare points
    Welfare points
    Benefits can be used in various fields such as education, medical care, transportation, etc.
  • Support leisure activities
    Support leisure activities
    Annual, congratulatory, summer leaves, sandwich holidays
    Company supported condos, resorts Supporting for in-house club activities
  • Support for family events
    Support for family events
    Monthly birthday parties
    Leaves and pays for family events
    Leaves for child admission and graduation
  • Providing convenience
    Providing convenience
    Free meals for lunch and dinner
  • Support for education
    Support for education
    Cyber learning program
    OJT program for new employees
    Various external job-related education
  • Compensation system
    Compensation system
    Long-term employee award
    Best employee award Compensation based on evaluation